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Let me wish you a Happy New Year first of all with every best wish for a successful, happy and prospreous 2012

So what happened with my True Love over the festive season then?.  After receiving a heart ful of confidence and joy, two brilliant questions, three ways to aoid ‘umms and aahs’, four stages to answering questions, five golden stars and six reasons to pause..on the seventh day my true love sent to me

Seven ways to open your presentations with ooomph!

Why should you think about this?  Because, and sorry here if I upset you, most people in your audience are not sitting on the edge of their seats eager to hear what you have to say!  They are thinking about the last meeting , the next meeting, the row they had with their partner, their blackberry etc.  You need to get their attention….and quickly.  The seven methods below are some of the easiest ways to grab attention, raise interest and importantly start to get the audience involved from the get-go.  Remember, this is BEFORE you say welcome or thank you or your name.  Enjoy!

1. Ask a question ( rhetorical or you might get more than you bargained for!)

2. Tell a story

3. Use a quote ( but make sure it is relevant, you can remember it and it is short)

4. Make a BIG fact statement

5 Give a BIG fat statisitic

6. Say something controversial

7. Get them to imagine…

So try these out…which is your favourite? which ones would you like to try out but would like more information?  Drop me a line and comment…

In the meantime, check out our next Panic to Poise seminar on 31st January in Cheshire.  All these tips and techniques and much much more…

Best regards