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“A fantastic, inspiring, well structured event. Thank you Karen and Catherine, you Phenomenal Women, you! I learned to build in more physical interaction and I’m going to change my 40-second intro as a result.”

Isla Wilson, Ruby Star Associates

“ I really liked your clear messages about presenting and I’m going to approach presenting in a 5 star manner!”

Anne Moore, Vocal Excellence

“I really liked the exercise, ‘what do you do?’, thinking about MY business in terms of the seminar content. I need to think and prepare what I say in terms of the 5 star approach, to come up with the ‘model’ of my message. I learned to shift my focus when I am presenting/talking to potential customers: what I can offer them – the experience – not just desperately trying to sell, sell, sell! Thanks, I really enjoyed it!”

Liz Stainsby, Little Treasures Company

“I learned to think about how I can help the audience with my skills deliver it through examples. I’m going to plan my pitches, thinking about my success and practice because I need to shift my focus to being positive.”

Sharon Charteress, Mood Design Solutions

“Friendly, fun, informative. I need to think what I do for my listeners, be more prepared and be enthusiastic in delivery.”

Christine Lewis, No Limits flp

“The relaxed atmosphere allows people to learn better. I learned to focus.”

Nasim Yousaf, Women’s Housing Action Group