From Panic to Poise seminars

We ran a seminar in July and wondered if we might start a northern franchise of ‘Formidable Woman’ because we were so impressed by the Lancashire business women in our audience! Such intelligent and determined women deserve success.

From Panic to Poise is our two-hour seminar specifically targeted at women in business or women who have their own business and is tailored to give you a step by step approach to  increasing your impact, your influence and your income through engaging, professional and targeted presentations.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What value would it add to your business if you were supremely confident about standing up and speaking to groups of people?
  • Have you ever thought there must be some other ways out there of reaching and having an impact on your customers and potential customers and clients?
  • Have you ever wished that you knew what to say and how to say it at networking meetings, conferences and client meetings?
  • What are your nerves and lack of confidence in speaking in front of groups costing your business and your career?
  • Do you want to hone your presentation skills so that you can create more opportunities to stand up and speak out about your business and your passion?

What will you learn?

  • How to prepare and deliver an engaging, powerful presentation which persuades and influences using a ‘five star’ approach
  • How to get into a state of perfect poise whenever you deliver
  • How to spot opportunities to reach your customers and potential customers through public speaking
  • How to create immediate impact when introducing yourself at networking events

We’re running another series of events in November: click on the link above to go to our blog Events Calendar. We hope to meet you there!


“A fantastic, inspiring, well structured event. Thank you Karen and Catherine, you Phenomenal Women, you! I learned to build in more physical interaction and I’m going to change my 40-second intro as a result.”

Isla Wilson, Ruby Star Associates

“ I really liked your clear messages about presenting and I’m going to approach presenting in a 5 star manner!”

Anne Moore, Vocal Excellence

“I really liked the exercise, ‘what do you do?’, thinking about MY business in terms of the seminar content. I need to think and prepare what I say in terms of the 5 star approach, to come up with the ‘model’ of my message. I learned to shift my focus when I am presenting/talking to potential customers: what I can offer them – the experience – not just desperately trying to sell, sell, sell! Thanks, I really enjoyed it!”

Liz Stainsby, Little Treasures Company

“I learned to think about how I can help the audience with my skills deliver it through examples. I’m going to plan my pitches, thinking about my success and practice because I need to shift my focus to being positive.”

Sharon Charteress, Mood Design Solutions

“Friendly, fun, informative. I need to think what I do for my listeners, be more prepared and be enthusiastic in delivery.”

Christine Lewis, No Limits flp

“The relaxed atmosphere allows people to learn better. I learned to focus.”

Nasim Yousaf, Women’s Housing Action Group