Client feedback

Wow! Didn’t we have a fabulous time! This is what some of our Phenomenal delegates said they gained from the workshop:

  • “Friends!!
  • How to structure a presentation
  • How to tell my story in a way that has universal appeal
  • How to translate my passion into an ordered logical presentation
  • Confidence not only in my presentation skills but in myself and what I have to offer
  • What my story is…”

Alison Colyer, Yoga Teacher, Blissful Living

“Oh what a fabulous, uplifting, life-confirming weekend. I have been on a wonderful journey of development and it’s been a real privilege to see everyone else’s journey too. It has massively improved my confidence and given me really useful, easy to understand techniques to begin to powerfully and effectively deliver presentations.”

Amada Jackson, Tigerfish PR

  1. “A structure to speak my story in a way not to tell it all and create a curiosity
  2. How to hook the audience
  3. How to give something to the audience to take away
  4. Grow my confidence in a safe environment.

“You are absolutely Phenomenal – I feel so privileged to be on the first seminar. Thank you :-)”

Roslyn Bell

“Confidence to speak in front of an audience, especially about such a personal and passionate subject. Good techniques and great pathways and simple tools to piece together. A safe environment to practise speaking and to be allowed to make mistakes, improve and be supported.”

Becky Campey, Director, Blush

“So much more than presentation skills! I’ve learned so much and gained confidence and am sure that I can stand up in front of a crowd and speak well – something I could NOT do before the course. I’ve learned so much about structuring a presentation and how to stand and speak. It’s the most useful course I’ve ever done. Phenomenal!”


“A fantastic, inspiring, well structured event. Thank you Karen and Catherine, you Phenomenal Women, you! I learned to build in more physical interaction and I’m going to change my 40-second intro as a result.”

Isla Wilson, Ruby Star Associates

“ I really liked your clear messages about presenting and I’m going to approach presenting in a 5 star manner!”

Anne Moore, Vocal Excellence

“I really liked the exercise, ‘what do you do?’, thinking about MY business in terms of the seminar content. I need to think and prepare what I say in terms of the 5 star approach, to come up with the ‘model’ of my message. I learned to shift my focus when I am presenting/talking to potential customers: what I can offer them – the experience – not just desperately trying to sell, sell, sell! Thanks, I really enjoyed it!”

Liz Stainsby, Little Treasures Company

“I learned to think about how I can help the audience with my skills deliver it through examples. I’m going to plan my pitches, thinking about my success and practice because I need to shift my focus to being positive.”

Sharon Charteress, Mood Design Solutions

“Friendly, fun, informative. I need to think what I do for my listeners, be more prepared and be enthusiastic in delivery.”

Christine Lewis, No Limits flp

“The relaxed atmosphere allows people to learn better. I learned to focus.”

Nasim Yousaf, Women’s Housing Action Group