Twelve Days of Christmas cont…

On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me….Two  brilliant questions and a heart full of confidence and joy…

Ok, this is harder than I thought.  Having said that these two brilliant questions have the power to transform all presentations from boring monologues where the speaker speaks AT the audience to meaningful, participatory and engaging presentations which are compelling.

And they are…So What?  and What’s in it for me?.  If your presentations answer these two questions for the audience and are pitched to address relevance and benefit, then how could your audience not listen?  I seem to say this all the time – in fact someone told me recently that I should have these two questions engraved on my gravestone ( Hmm).

So remember…make sure that what you say is relevant for that audience and is expressed as relevant.  Phrases like ‘you will be aware of…’, I understand that what you are experiencing is..’ I guess that you must be asking these sort of questions’,  ‘of course we are all in the same boat’  makes what you say relevant because you have stepped in the shoes of your audience.

And even more importantly, make sure that you make it clear how what you do/produce/serve etc helps them – to be more productive, profitable, enjoyable, delightful, entertaining, richer, easier, …etc

So, come and find out what my true love gave to me on the Third day of Christmas tomorrow…?  Any suggestions?  What questions do you have about presenting in public?  Drop me a line, I’d love to hear from you…

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  1. Jan said:

    How about 3, 4 , 5 or even 12! methods to stop saying errrr without thinking!

    Great post, I can almost imagine you sitting cursing starting the 12 days!

  2. Hi Jan. Thank you

    My excuse is that it seemed a good idea at the time!!

    Thanks for the suggestion – I’ve made it the subject of the Third day of Christmas!

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