the twelve days of Christmas

So today I started thinking about the key elements of making an inspiring and impacting presentation and decided on a whim to set it out as the twelve days of Christmas ( yes, I might just regret this I know but let’s just run with it for now..)

My first verse then is: on the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me…a heart full of confidence and joy


Because to deliver a presentation with poise and power, you need to start from the inside out. What we are thinking ( and saying to ourselves) on the inside will affect what we do on the outside, Try it…think miserable thoughts ( not too bad as this is only a test!) and then try to stand upright and well…poised. Difficult isn’t it? On the other hand, what we do on the outside ( our physiology) can impact on what we think on the inside. try this….put a great big cheesy grin on – look at the ceiling if you want to avoid eye contact with anyone near by – and try to feel miserable. equally difficult isn’t it?

So, what do we learn from this? Well first of all if you want to feel more confident, then you need to adopt the physiology of some one who looks confident. Check out the people confident people you know and copy their stance, their breathing, their eye contact and notice how that changes how you come over to others. Years ago when I was still developing my own confidence in presenting people would come up to me and say how confident I was ( clearly they couldn’t see the little me inside quaking!) But funnily enough the more times people said that, the more confident I felt, knowing that if I looked confident, then I could present myself and therefore my ideas confidently.

And the second thing is to remember that the ability to speak confidently and clearly to people is a great ( and rare) gift. When we have it, we have an amazing opportunity to influence and impact on people’s lives…wow, how joyful!

revisit the blog tomorrow for the second day of Christmas….

What do you think my true love should give to me? and what do you think is the worst thing about presenting? or the best? leave a comment below. Look forward to hearing from you


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